Welcome to My Marijuana Stocks!

Hello and welcome! This website is dedicated to the exciting new world of cannabis stocks, where we will be posting about the best stocks, alerts for investors, stocks to invest in, and general news about recreational and medical cannabis stocks. Already being called the “green rush“, 2014 has seen a swarm of investors recognizing the potential – in fact one analyst has gone on the record saying that these stocks could be the “best investment opportunity of the decade“!

And as someone who has become obsessed with the market over the last few months but has very little experience in trading, I will be actively learning as I post so everything will be easily digestible and easy to understand. From one amateur to another!

What are Marijuana Stocks?

Marijuana Stocks are simply shares of a public company that is part of the marijuana industry. This can be a company that uses cannabis to develop medicine, or even a hemp manufacturer! Buying stock in one of these companies means that you could share in the profits of a $1.5 Billion industry that’s estimated to grow to $10 Billion by 2018.

Marijuana Stocks!

Best Marijuana Stocks

Every week we feature the best performing stocks and take a look at why we think they’re doing so well, taking a deeper look at what’s happening behind the scenes. We look at what your shares would be worth had you invested and give our personal opinion on what we speculate for the stocks in the future.

Marijuana Stocks to Invest In

It’s like the Wild West out in the this sector of the market at the moment, and we’re going to keep you up to date – blow by blow! With so many potential avenues that have just opened up thanks to the lesser-talked about hemp, including food, building materials, jewelry, paper, fiber and plastic – there’s a lot to keep your eyes on. We’ll fill you in on the latest with all the big stocks news so that you can keep on top of it all and decide on which are the best marijuana stocks to invest in for you!

Medical Marijuana Stocks

We look at all sorts of cannabis related stocks, from hemp all the way to recreational pot but one of our biggest focuses is on medical pot stocks. With a long history of being used to treat a huge list of ailments dating all the way back to Shen Nung, the Father of Chinese herbal medicine, we predict big things for pharmaceutical related stocks:

Medical Marijuana Inc (MJNA)

+0.001 (0.82%)

Medical Marijuana Inc is a public company that holds a large number of businesses, services and products in both the marijuana and the hemp industries. It is one of the most popular stocks which could be due to its generic name.

GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH)

-1.47 (-2.17%)